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Zhuji Jiazhi Machinery Co., Ltd. is an independent enterprise specialized in producing grain machinery after the reform of Zhuji grain machinery factory. Mainly committed to the development, production, sales and complete sets of engineering of rice milling machinery, the company has a number of high and intermediate technical personnel and industry experts in production, technology and sales of Zhuji grain machinery factory. With scientific management and the latest technology to provide you with the best quality products and services, the company pursues the "high quality, small profits, efficient, trustworthy" business purpose. Adhere to the road of "Prospering industry with science and technology and prospering enterprise with quality", strive to create excellent products in grain machinery industry, and look forward to the support and common development of new and old customers...


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  • 10 2021-03 Rice processing
    There are six processes for conventional rice milling, including cleaning, husking, husking separation, milling, rubbing and grading. There are three kinds of intermediate products, namely clean rice, clean brown rice and white rice.
  • 10 2021-03 Development trend
    Alloy and non-metallic materials will be more used in the parts contacting with grain in grain processing machinery to prevent corrosion and ensure the cleanliness of finished grain
  • 10 2021-03 Process flow and main equipment
    The technological process of grain processing can be divided into two categories:
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